Monday, September 13, 2010

"Good Luck" Cards

Inside of the card. 
The little dots represent the seeds of the apple.
 I drew in the icons of the iPod as well as the artwork of one of her favorite songs.
 The back of the card. 
Ill finish writing my message after I post this.

Hello out there. I apologize for the lack of posts but I've been enjoying my days out in the sun and the weather is much too beautiful to stay in.

So onto the post... I created a a couple of back to school cards. My cards are a combination of Good Luck and Congrats. The first one is for my sister, who is starting a new job tomorrow in the Special Education field. Since she loves anything to do with apples that is school related I thought I would create an apple card for her. The second shaped card/postcard is for my niece. She will be starting 3rd grade tomorrow and will now be on a different time schedule with the upper class kids. So I am going to add this small note of encouragement to her lunch box so she can read it during her snack time. I'm sure she'll like it, I just hope she doesn't get embarrassed or automatically tosses it.

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you're enjoying your holiday vacation and are enjoying the last unofficial days of summer.


Sherri said...

Great that iPod!

Kate said...

Great cards!! I love that they were made to fit the occasion for both. I'm sure they'll be well-received. That iPod is fantastic!
Thanks for playing along at FCCB!!

Stampleigh said...

I love shape card! Great job on both! Thanks for playing FCCB! Leigh