Saturday, May 28, 2011

This is how i Roll

Happy Saturday! I finally dusted off my cricut and put it to use. WooHoo!!!! Oh how Ive missed it. Ok so I made a quirky father's day card for a friend who recently had a boy. I added the Jessica touch by doddling on a drawing. My doddle may look like a toddler but he'll get the point. :D Thanks for stopping by!

Im playing along with:
My Craft Spot - Shaped Card
Fantabulous Cricut - Clouds and Blue

Friday, May 27, 2011

Simple Hello

Hi there! This will be quick tonight. I just wanted to share with you another method to Clean and Simple. This one is a little more jazzed up than my first one but it still maintains that nice look. What I like about this is that the image is front and center and since the greeting farm images are beyond adorable that they can carry that burden, so to speak, hehehe. So go grab your cute image, whether it be a stamp, cricut cut or embellishment and give it a whirl.

Fleur Anya Stamp from The Greeting Farm
A2 Size

I will be playing with: Wee Memories - Stamp It. A Spoonful of Sugar - Things with Wings. Lily Pad Cards - Inspirational Challenge #2 (Inspired by Sherri's Card - the black,white, blue combo and the butterflies).    Thanks for stopping by/commenting.

Simply Betty Stamps 50s Emo Kids - Preview Day 6

Hi scrappy friends. We are at the end of Preview week (awwwww).  First, I want to give Betty a HUGE Thanks for inviting me to be part of this release. It was a great week and I really enjoyed creating with the whole 50s crew.

After seeing a cheerleading London, jock Miller, hula hoop Rio, pinup Lola and greaser Christian, to finish off the cool 50s set, we have rollerskating waitress  BETTY for you.  Isn't she the cutest? At first, I was inspired by Frenchie (from Grease) which is why she has a pink outfit and some pink in her hair but when I sat down to put together my bookmark, I ran with the yellow and red color scheme. Those colors are def out of my comfort zone but I was influenced by the fries and soda, lol, I couldn't stop.

So what do you think of this gal? Are you ready to own her? Well she, along with the rest of the 50s kids are available at the SBS shop for purchase. They will be available in clear rubber form. Now usually Betty likes to offer a discount code at the end of preview week, so make sure to hop on over to Simply Betty Stamps to get the code and to check out the rest of the creations.

I will be playing along with: 365 Cards - Day 84:Ruffles. RCC4 - Got Cupcakes (the color yellow and polk-a-dots).                              Thanks for stopping by/commenting!! And don't forget to pick up your set. 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Simply Betty Stamps 50s Emo Kids - Preview Day 5

Welcome back Scrappy Friends. Wow! We are already at day 5. Time really does fly! Tomorrow will be the last day of previews and there will be a hop with goodies and discount codes (to buy up this whole cute lot of 50s Emo Kids of course).

Today we have super smooth greaser CHRISTIAN for you. I originally had paired him up with Lola. I think they look great together but it turned out that they are both stars of their own universe (lol) so it wasn't happening. I actually like this setup better. You have London in the background cheering while Christian is checking her out while showing off. hehehe. I thought this sentiment was very appropriate for love stuck cool Christian.   

Make sure you hop on over to Simply Betty Stamps to see the beautiful creations from the SBS gals.  Thanks for stopping by/commenting. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Simply Betty Stamps 50s Emo Kids - Preview Day 4

Hi fellow Betty lovers and scrappy friends. Welcome back for day 4 of previews. Today we have gorgeous LOLA for you. Check her out, she's so vadaboom!! She reminds me of  Rizzo but also of Sandy Dee (after the makeover). She's one of those digis that will work great for all sorts of projects. I mean all of them do but you know you tend to have your favorites, well Lola is one of my faves. If you want her (and I know you will), she and the rest of the 50s Emo kids will be available soon. Make sure you hop on over to Simply Betty Stamps to check out all the gorgeous creations Betty and her gals came up with. 

I will be playing along with:
Sketch Saturday - #156
Paper Play Challenges - Sparkle Galore
Paper Sundaes - Pop It Up

Thanks for stopping by/commenting!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Clean and Simple, part Une

Please scroll down for my SBS Rio Preview Post

Sasha (Creepin Kit) from The Greeting Farm
A2 size

Hello Scrappy Friends. I hope you are enjoying your day so far. Ok, raise your hand if you feel you spend a lot of time on a card. (Insert me raising my hand, lol). When I began making cards, I didn't know better. hehehe. I had that beginner style and I didn't care for ribbon, flowers or any type of embellishments but with time that all passed. And so my love of embellishments grew and my card making time grew a wee bit out of control. So I began wanting to try to make quick cards. I was always amazed, still am, that all these gals were cranking out these amazing cards rather quickly. So I think its to time to go back and re-evaluate my methods. Once I do that and find my niche, I believe I will my win my inner card making battle (which I'm currently losing).

But in the meantime, I've decided to try to alternate in creating heavily embellished/paper cards and clean and simple cards. As much as I love this clean look, I also love the other kind as well and I don't want to give it up completely. 

Ive also decided to do a series of different CAS cards with my Creeper Crew Creeping Kit. This way I get to play with my kit and find my path to simple gorgeous cards. hehehe. So I hope you come back to check out my series. There will be 7 in total (as there is 7 cute creepers), this one being #1.

Thanks for stopping by/commenting!

I will be playing along:
Wee Memories - Stamp Something. A Spoon Full of Sugar - Things with Wings. Lily Pad - Embossing (I used dry embossing). I was inspired by Peachy Keen Stamps - Sketch 52. I moved a few of the elements around but they are all there. 
Ps. Don't forget to check out Simply Betty Stamps and The Altered Alice

Simply Betty Stamps 50s Emo Kids - Preview Day 3

Hello Scrappy Friends. Welcome back for day 3 of Simply Betty 50's kids. How are you liking them so far? We've had super cute and spunky London as a bad ass cheerleader with her potential jock boyfriend, Miller, now we have hula hoop loving RIO. She is really digging the hula hoops and is ready for the sock hop, hehehe. Oh the 50's, what an age of innocence. Lol, I'm writing as if I'm so old. Well I'm off to watch Pleasentaville or maybe Grease. Hmmmmm, decisions decisions.... :)

Make sure you [sock] Hop on over to Simply Betty Stamps and see what Betty and her gals came up with.

I will be playing along with: Simon Says Stamp - Sparkle and Shine. Paper Play Challenges - Sparkle Galore. Sketch Saturday - #156
Thanks for stopping by/commenting!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Simply Betty Stamps 50s Emo Kids - Preview Day 2

Hi Scrappy Friends! Welcome back to Simply Betty Stamps Preview Day 2. Today we have 50s Emo MILLER for you. He is one cool jock dude with a little skully twist. You know the cheerleaders will go wild for him. Wooooooo!! Make sure you hop on over to Simply Betty Stamps to see what the SBS gals came up with.

I used Day 83 Sketch from 365 Cards for some inspiration
Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Simply Betty Stamps 50s Emo Kids - Preview Day 1

Happy Sunday!! I'm very excited about today's post. Its the beginning of previews for the 50s Emo Kids from Simply Betty Stamps and I get to preview these spunky cute Emos with the rest of the SBS gals. I was jumping up and down like cute London when the whole crew arrived in my inbox. I just find the 50s fascinating - well... from Grease's point of view, hehe. I mean who wouldn't want someone like Danny Zucko crushing after you. He was hot, hot, hot! Ok so enough of my silly ramblings... Today is day 1 of previews and we have 50's Emo LONDON for you. Make sure to come back tomorrow for another cool 50s kid.

Emos will be available at the end of preview week but you can hop on over to her shop and check out her other super cute and spunky images. Make sure you hop on over to Simply Betty Stamps to see what the SBS gals came up with.

I used the sketch from the awesome deconstructed gal Jen, deconstructed sketch 2.  I will also be playing with Charisma Cardz Challenges - Birthdays in Pink. Paper Sundaes - Pop It Up (The talk bubbles are on pop dots)

Thanks for stopping by/commenting!
Ps. Its week four of The Altered Alice and there's still TIME left for the challenge, but not to much TIME left.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Happy Saturday afternoon! I hope you are all having gorgeous weather as I am. So it seems as Birthday/Congratulations season has begun. I have several to get through in the next few days and I'm hoping I can get them done. Oh if only it wouldn't take me a week. Lol, I kid of course but that's how it feels sometimes.  Oh well, but at least I get to play with my fairly new paper, stamps and carts... and isn't that what its all about. Oh yeah!!! 

I used an adorable Greeting Farm stamp
Size: almost A2 size 

I will be playing along with:
Wee Memories - Stamp Something
Simon Says Stamp - Sparkle and Shine
My Craft Spot - Congratulations
Anyone For Anya - Teen/Punk Challenge

Thanks for popping by/commenting. Please make sure to come back tomorrow for a special post.
Also, don't forget about The Altered Alice challenge. There is still time to enter and jump down the Rabbit hole.

Friday the 13th Hop Winner

Happy Saturday! Ready for the weekend? I sure am! Plus it seems like we have beautiful weather for the weekend ... here's hoping :)

First, I want to say Thank you!! and Welcome!! to my new scrappy friends/followers. I'm very happy that you liked my madness (lol). I have a lot to share with you (beginning tomorrow) so please make sure to come back.

Ok so onto my winner for the hop...
CONGRATS #6 The Purple Muse
Please email me your info.

Thanks!! Enjoy your Morning!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Altered Alice Chapter 4 - Week 3: Time

Alice sighed wearily. `I think you might do something better with the time,' she said, `than waste it in asking riddles that have no answers.'
`If you knew Time as well as I do,' said the Hatter, `you wouldn't talk about wasting IT. It's HIM.'
`I don't know what you mean,' said Alice.
`Of course you don't!' the Hatter said, tossing his head contemptuously. `I dare say you never even spoke to Time!'
`Perhaps not,' Alice cautiously replied: `but I know I have to beat time when I learn music.'
`Ah! that accounts for it,' said the Hatter. `He won't stand beating.'
-- Chapter 7, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Happy Sunday! I'm very excited!!! about today's post. Today is my week to "fall down the Rabbit Hole" and showcase my labor of love project for The Altered Alice. Our theme for the month is Time: Time Marches On.  To play along with us (and I hope that you do), you must create a project that represents Time.  You can represent Time in whichever way you see fit.

This months sponsor is Fresh Brewed Designs and they have generously sponsored us with a prize pack of five images of your choosing.  Also, don't be discouraged if you think your project must be Alice in Wonderland related. It is not required but encouraged.  So head on over to The Altered Alice to check out this weeks inspiration and jump down the rabbit hole with us. 

For my debut project, I created a set of 8 Artist Trading Cards (ATC). ATCs are great because they are mini little pieces of artwork and they can be as clean and simple as you want them to be or they can be altered little pieces with all the charms and embellishments you like. I decided to go for a much cleaner look. I wanted the image to be the main focus of the ATC. I used quotes on almost all of them and the quotes I used were to enhance the image. These little cards measure at 2.5x3.5. All images used are from our monthly sponsor Fresh Brewed Designs. ** Please note that 6 out of the 8 images were cropped/altered**

This picture is the back of the ATCs. I wanted all of them to have a similar distressed look and for all of them to represent our theme: Time. I also thought that this set could also act as a set of business cards. This is the reason I left a space for my contact info. (Boy, I'm going to have a hard time giving one of these away. Lol.)
Products used: Tim Holtz embossing folder, Distressed Ink, Wood Stamps, TPS Clear Stamps.

*Please make sure to click on the pictures, individually, so you may see all the little details. They are chock full of them * 
ATC1: Hatter Madness digi from Fresh Brewed Designs
I just love how Alice is miniature size and tucked into the band of the hat

ATC2: I'm Late digi from Fresh Brewed Designs

ATC3: Wait For Me digi from Fresh Brewed Designs
I love that the Rabbit is the iris of Alice's eye.

ATC4: Tick Tock Clock digi from Fresh Brewed Designs

ATC5: Wonderland digi from Fresh Brewed Designs
*This one was severely altered. I erased everything around Alice and then blew up the pocket watch*

ATC6: Drink Me digi from Fresh Brewed Designs
This one is prob my favorite of the set. Although its hard to choose. But I just love the huge mushroom with Alice on the side trying to climb it. And of course there's a tea cup and the Drink Me sign.

ATC7: Mirror Mushroom digi from Fresh Brewed Designs

ATC8: The Queen of Hearts digi from Fresh Brewed Designs

At the last minute, I decided to add mini clock charms to my ATCs but I had a hard time finding them so I decided to create my own. Here is a closeup of one. I used tiny mirrors, a clear stamp and stazon. This one is a little blurry but I like the effect.  Thanks for stopping by/commenting! I hope that Ive encouraged you to jump down the Rabbit Hole.
I will be submitting this project to Simon Says Stamp and Show Anything Goes Challenge

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Flaunt It Fridays: Friday the 13th Hop

Welcome to our Friday the 13th hop (ooohh-aaahhhh) lol. I guess Blogger took the 13th serious and decided to have a little fun with us all. Hehe, naughty blogger.  Thank you for joining me today. I am very happy to be back as a Guest Designer for Flaunt It Fridays. Woooo I had to dust off cobwebs from my cricut machine. It had been quite some time that I got to play with it like I did this time. Ok so enough of me :)

Onto the hop... You should be coming over from Yolanda at Crafty Scentiments, if not make sure to begin at Flaunt It Fridays (theres some peachy goodness to be had).

I know that this hop was about the Friday the 13th cut from the Happy Haunting cartridge but I wanted to go a non spooky route for both of my projects. For the first project, I created a card/mini album page. I used the Cri-Kits Gel Pens (which I'm loooooving) for my homemade background paper. Do you know how much work I saved myself by using the pens as oppose to cutting them out and gluing them down, a lot!! :) Ok so since I'm using this card as part of a mini album I'm creating, I wanted to keep the card clean, simple and flat. The cute little drawing, that I drew myself (thanks all for asking and liking it), is a representation of a picture I'm going to add there later on. Don't you just love those old silly pictures of when life was simple and your main concern was the color of your braces. Lol, of course you know I wanted the pink colored ones but noooooo, my dad wanted me to be practical and get the boring silver ones. Lol.
For my 2nd project, I used the Frame (pg68) and the 3D Platter (pg70). However, I didn't use them like the way we are suppose to. For the frame, I didn't cut the outer layer (the spider web). That's a great thing that it allows you to do that because then it become versatile and it can be used for whatever you like. As you can see, I made a mini one and its in the middle of the pile. That one holds a less cuter version of the drawing. lol. What I also like about the frame feature is that you can use the Layer 1 as a background layer for a card or a scrapbook page (Just make sure to hide the middle markings with your gypsy or ds). The same thing goes for the 3D platter. I used the Shift cut from the platter and I got a great scallop frame.

Here is a card I made using the scalloped frame (from the 3d platter) as one of my layers for my card. Btw, the cute stamp is from The Greeting Farm. If by any chance you don't know, I totally heart the Farm!! Love them! OK so back to my point, lol. Always look beyond the intended and you can find some interesting ways to change a cut. Granted my cuts weren't changed drastically but I know it can be done. I have done it with other cartridges and so can you.

Whew, OK so we are coming to a close here. Thanks for sticking it out with me, especially with all these blogger issues. I have a cute journaling stamp from WeRMemories for you. You don't have to be a follower but I would love it if you would be. Ill announce my winner after Tuesday (when the hop ends). Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you again!

Your next stop is Brynn from Flair and Frills

I will be entering this card to:
Anyone for Anya - Smelling Like a Rose

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tiddly Inks Puzzle Adventure and Tiddly "Booty" Winner

Hi Fellow Tiddly Lovers and Scrappy Friends. I am here celebrating with Christy and Tiddly Inks the end of the 1 year birthday extravaganza.  This time around, I am playing along with the fun game Christy has set up for us. I will be hunting for puzzle pieces and try to piece them together. How fun!! So let the game begin :)

Happy Birthday Tiddly Inks!! May there be many more pixies, gothic cuties and funny cute characters like Minnie coming our way.
Party Time digi from Tiddly Inks (Slightly Altered)
A2 Size Card
For my project, I went for a CAS look. I tried using Glimmer Mist and create my own clouds but experimentation isn't the best thing to try to do when your racing against the clock. Lol. As much I love adding all sorts of embellishments and flowers, I prefer these type of cards when I need to mail them out. This card wont cost me over $2 to mail, just 0.44cents and its good to go :)

I also have my Booty winner from last weeks hop. I'm really sorry for posting this so late. I got sidetracked by several things that kept me away. I also want to say a HUGE thank you to all my new friends. I'm so happy to hear that my iPhone card made you laugh... OK so CONGRATS to

#19 Debbie Pamment
Debbie can you please email me so we can arrange your prize.

Thanks for stopping by/commenting.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lace and Pearls with a Twist of Inspiration

Hi All. Just popping on here quickly to share a Tickled Pink birthday/Mothers Day card (minus the Pink). Gasp!!! I know, right?! :) I hope you are all having pleasurable weather in your neck of the woods. I'm dealing with almost 90 degree temp here. Oh boy!! Its going to be a hot Summer! Ps. What do you think of those faux baby prima roses? I made them myself. WooHoo!!

Lil Lolita Evie stamp from Tickled Pink Stamps
A2 Size Card

I will be playing along with: Tickled Pink Stamps Challenge - #17 Lace and Pearls. This is my version/take on Lace and Pearls. I wanted to use non traditional lace and pearls so I used black lace, so it could be a little racy, and buttercup pearls. Lol, oh how risque!  2nd, Flutter By Wednesday - #153 Open Challenge (as long as it has a butterfly, fairy or angel.) 3rd, Southern Girls Challenge - Let's Hear It for the Girls. And finally, I'm playing along with Lily Pad Cards - Inspirational Challenge #1. This challenge was a Free for all but also it was based on inspiration you found on their site. They gave you several items to choose from: From cards, to covers, to color palettes to etc. Well, I found my inspiration from a non traditional item. I was inspired by their article The Frugal Crafter - Yellow Pages (and White Ones, Too!) This article is how a crafter can use the yellow pages to its full advantage. It has some great tips and I enjoyed the reading. Well, since I am trying to be a good girl and not use pink, lol, I was inspired by the color scheme. At first, I was a bit afraid it. I mean c'mon, its yellow! Lol, but always up for an artistic challenge I went for it. I ended up loving the color scheme (Yellow, Black, White and Grey/Charcoal) so much so that I will definitely be using it again. So I guess you never know where and how inspiration will strike you. The smallest or most mundane item can lead you to create a masterpiece of your own. So go out there and look for your inspiration.

I will be back tomorrow (hopefully) with my Tiddly winner :) Thanks for stopping by! And don't forget about the Altered Alice challenge going on.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Altered Alice...Time Marches On

Hello Scrappy Friends. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. It was a very busy and hot weekend here in California. I got to meet another blogger friend, which turned out to be great. I do hope it isn't the last time we get together. 
So today's post is just to share some wonderful news. I'm very Excited!! to say that I was chosen as a Guest Designer for The Altered Alice blog. It is a blog that is all about Alice in Wonderland!!! How perfect is that?!!?? It features Alice inspired artwork and it is a monthly challenge.

This month challenge is all about TIME. How perfect for me, seeing that time seems to sometimes slip through my hands. Lol, this post for example should have been up on Sunday. But like I said, busy busy weekend with a busy busy week following. I do hope you can hop on over to The Altered Alice and see all the amazing artwork and join in on the fun. The May challenge has already begun and will run til the 27th, but why wait til then? You'll get to see some amazing inspiration and get a head start.

Ps. Although it is encouraged for you to create an Alice inspired project, it is not necessary. So anyone can join, as long as you follow the theme. Here's a little inspiration I created for you. And I guess it suits me because it's screaming LATE! Lol!!
Pss. I will be falling down the rabbit hole in 2 weeks so please make sure to come back for that :)
I used the Wonderland digi set from The Greeting Farm 
I will be entering this in Simon Says Stamp Anything Goes Challenge.

Ps. I will be announcing the winner of my blog booty tomorrow.