Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Recycling Project

Hi Everyone!
A big Thank You to everyone that came over yesterday from Momo's blog. It meant a lot to me. I will hop on over to each blog as soon as I feel better. Ive been battling the flu and all Ive wanted to do is sleep.

A couple of nights ago I began working on my recycled project. I had thought about doing this for a while but as always I procrastinated. Actually I was ready to give up on the idea and throw it all away. But over at Crafting With Christina, she started her 2nd challenge & it's a recycling one. She just started her challenges but so far they have been fun. Go over and check out her blog.

OK onto my project...  I'm turning my scraps into paper buttons. I know that in comparison to others, this isn't much of a scrap pile but my little, teeny-tiny crafting space is extremely limited. Plus, I want to use new paper (lol).

Picture 1: I started with this....

 Picture 2: After quite some time and my puncher jamming several times, I got this....

Picture 3: And after several hours, I ended up with this.
I'm not completely done because my little Fiskars puncher cant handle the thickness of the button. So Ill be shopping for a crop-a-dile tomorrow. And I'm thinking of using a different technique to apply the Glossy Accents to the paper buttons.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

First Mini Album: Once Upon A Princess

Oh my gosh!!! I ran out of time. I thought I had some extra minutes to spare. The time difference can really throw you for a loop. I was trying to make the deadline for Momo's 'Girly Affair' challenge but that didn't happen. Either way, this is a challenge Ive been wanting to try. I was inspired by Joanna from Scrap-Making. She has made the most adorable minis. They seemed easy to make. Uh no, that wasn't the case for me. I stressed out thinking what paper, images, sentiments, etc to use. I try cheating a bit by buying the chipboard already cut out. But I don't think the cheater method was easier. I had to trace every sheet, manually cut it out and try to line it up perfectly .... that alone took me a few hours.

I inked all the edges to help blend the paper & chipboard. I was torn between a princess theme or a doll theme. I went for a girly theme. I really fell in love with the dollhouse on the paper & I wanted it to be a focal point. I used diff pinks, white & a smidgen of purple. After four days, this is what I came up with...
Picture 1: (L-R) The last page of the mini. I'm leaving it bare because I'm really crazy about the paper. Plus, when it gets put away it needs to be without embellies, etc. The front page is just the dollhouse, little dolly & title.

Picture 2: Page 2&3. This has space for 3 pictures (although the cupcake can be used as journaling tag as well)

Picture 3: Page 4&5. Page 5 has a several journaling tags that can be used for writing and/or some mini pics.

Picture 4: Page 6&7. The cut from page 6 I took apart. It cuts out with the towers connected to the saying but I didn't want the saying covered up with a pic. So I made a little card & glued the "Once..." on top. On the inside I lined it with the paper from pg 9. It gives you space for a pic & writing.

Picture 5: Page 8 and 9. These pages are for pictures and journal.
I'm happy with my mini. Its my first attempt & I'm sure with more practice I can get better at it. I know I have some bare areas that I need to add embellies to them but I don't want to do it now. I want to put it away for a day or two & then go back to it again. For the moment, I'm done looking at it. 4 days was enough. Lol! Plus, it will give me time to reboot & see it again with a diff eyes. It will be easier to add a few embellishes & not overkill it.
I already have another mini in mind. I really want to make one using my Summer in Paris cart but I'm going to wait for my Design Studio for that. I won it on eBay and its already en route. Yay!
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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Halloween is Hoppin' at Tiddly Inks

Tiddly Inks is having a Halloween blog hop. Come and join the fun. The DT has amazing creations. And Christy has new beautiful digis in her shop. The blog will run for the next two days and then they will have their wrap party at PCP.
For this card I used a digi image and my cricut. I wanted to make a cute, wacky card. The none cute pumpkin is the pick of the patch. And the cute pumpkins (tiddlys) are on the side watching on the wackiness. Lol.
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Monday, July 19, 2010

Black, White & Gray

Hi Everyone! This card is for the Drama Queen in your life. lol. Someone who's over the top & always wants to be the center attention. I think we all know a few of those...

Picture 1: The Front of the Card.
This little gal sure cant be boxed in. She needs to be free & front and center. This is why her arm is extending outside of the frame.

Picture 2: Closeup of Image, Frame, Ribbon, etc.

Picture 3: The Inside of the Card.
  1. This card was created as a combo card. It is for 2 challenges: Tiddly Inks & The Burtonesque Dolls. At the Dolls ( we had to create a black & white project inspired by "Ed Wood." I didn't think that this challenge would have been difficult for me because I love b/w & I have some beautiful paper but i was stuck. Since it has been years that I don't work with a monochromatic scheme, I was itching to throw some color on it. I mulled over this card for several days. Finally, I just had to close my eyes and go for it.
  2. At Tiddly's ( we had to "Match It Up." We had to match our papers with the image's clothing, accessories, etc. I tried paper piecing the coat but it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be so I just pieced the sleeves. I matched that paper with the frame. I matched the neck tie with the ribbon in the background. I matched the skull she is holding with the dp I made myself. And so forth.
Even though I struggled with this one for a bit I still enjoyed myself. I feel as if I'm putting some of my schooling to use.
Thanks for stopping by. And as always, I love reading your comments.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Carts & Pink for Monique

Hi Everyone!! It seems like I'm not sleeping tonight. The heat (which just started) is getting to me. I think there is a huge fire somewhere. Ive had the news on but its background noise so I cant say with certainty where its happening & if its happening.

So on Friday, I was at Jury Duty. Luckily I wasn't called in a group. Phew!! I had a lot of time that day & boy did I wish I had a gypsy at that moment. I'm sure I could have done so much. So I did the next best thing, peruse all the blogs & find inspiration. I did come across Lauren's Creative... She "claims" to be a newbie but I don't think she really is :)  I say that because her projects are amazing! I found some great ideas and inspiration. And there are def some projects I'd like to scrap-lift. Go check her out.

Ok, so onto my cards...
I got these carts in the mail a couple of days ago. I completely love them.  I know Critter is sooo last season but can you blame a gal for wanting that cart. Its too cute.

Picture 1: Spider from Mini Monsters
I wasn't sure where to begin on this cart. Although i think it's adorable, I didn't know how to incorporate these Halloween images. Until today. At My Pink Stamper, Robyn has a post up called "Pink for Monique". Monique is an amazing crafter and fellow blogger who was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. Robyn came up with a Card Campaign for her & would like for all of us to over flood her mailbox with get well pink wishes.
Ive never been good as to what to say to someone that is going through difficulty of that proportion so I chose to make her a cute & playful card. I tweaked my spider a bit. Where the ribbon is, she's suppose to have a manly bow but I didn't like that. And of course I gave her some cute googly eyes to give her a sassy look. The top sentiment is rub on stickers and the bottom is a Hello Darling stamp. I'll be popping this card into the mail tomorrow & I hope that it bring a little smile to her face.

Picture 2: Monkeys from Create a Critter

This card I made for my friend that I haven't been able to get together with. She lives approx 50-60 miles (roundtrip) away from me, therefore the distance makes it difficult for us to get together. So I'm hoping this cutie will put a smile on her face.

Picture 3: Inside of the card.

Thanks for stopping by/commenting!! And please consider joining the card campaign.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Love LO

Closeup of the paper 

This is LO#2 for the week and the theme is Love. I will add a picture of my niece and I and this LO is perfect for us because our fave color is purple (although she looooves it), we both love Pho Soup and I call her my "chinita" because her dad is Asian. So it's a little inside joke. Plus, she totally fell in love with this panda and noodle bowl when she saw it.

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Color & Personal Challenge

Hello Everyone! I have decided to challenge myself this week. I have a ton of printed pictures that I want to scrapbook, organize, etc. I have most of them in order (year, decade) but I still feel frazzled/overwhelmed by them. I'm trying to play catch up but it's difficult for me to do. I take a lot of time on a LO. Although they may look simple, It's a miracle if I can get a single page LO done in an hour (yes, you heard correctly). Plus, I don't know really where to begin. I can't seem to sit down & finish a set. So this week, I gave myself a personal challenge: Create a LO a day (I'm still deciding if Sat/Sun will be included). Although, I will prob work on my different event ones, just to get it out of my system, by the end of the week I will pick a pack to work on.  I'm crossing my fingers & saying to myself "here's hoping" :)

This scrapbook layout will be the starting page for my Laughling, NV trip album. I like to make a huge statement for my first page & then tone it down for the rest. I was going for a fun, playful feeling.

Additionally, this LO will be entered in the Color Throwdown Challenge. They are celebrating their 100th challenge (Yay!). For our project we had to use the colors: Rose, Celery, Red & Breeze and most importantly, have fun! Which I did. I was trying to make the Tiddly Inks deadline as well but I missed it :(

Thanks for looking. As always, any comments or suggestions are always appreciated.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Frog Tag

My sister's birthday is on Saturday and I wanted to create a cute frog prince theme for her card, tag, etc. I'll post a picture of her birthday card when I'm done tweaking it. Does anyone know how to make an envelope for an Easel Card?? How do I mail it?

I'm also entering this tag in Emma's Throwback Thursday challenge. Her challenge of the week is 'Animal Theme'. Ive been wanting to enter Emma's challenges for a while now, but I can never seem to. I always run out of time. So this is my first entry but def not my last. I like the fact that I get to use my cricut and most of the time we can do a project of our choice. So yay!
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Monday, July 5, 2010

Red, White & Blue Birthday

Hi! I hope that everyone had a great 4th of July. This week, everyone had Red,White and Blue on their minds so it worked out well. My brother's birthday was yesterday and I wanted his card to be a combo of both the holiday and his birthday. I used a Tiddly's digi, a sketch from Doodles and an old xmas card that I covered with 4th of July paper and scraps. This card took me a while to create. It may look simple but blending those Prismacolors can be time consuming. I still need to practice but with time I'm hoping Ill get back into the swing of it.

I'm submitting this card for the following challenges:
Tiddly Inks - "Red, White and Blue". I used this cute free doggie digi that Christy has available at her store.
Pixie Dust Studio - "Red, White and Blue"

Thanks for looking! Comments and Suggestions are always welcomed and appreciated.