Friday, October 5, 2012

Happy Birthday Cheri

Hey All. We are here celebrating Cheri's BIG birthday with a surprise mini hop!!!!  
Sadly time got away from me and I don't have my finished card ready. 
However, here is a picture of an an amazing looking cake depicting one of  our favorites (both mine and Cheri) Alice in Wonderland. 

Happy Birthday Cheri!!!!!! 
I hope you have an amazing time today and that you get a little crazy like the mad hatter :)
Sending you lots of hugs and good wishes from California.

Next on the hop is Tanya!


Graphicat said...

LOVE that cake! As much as I love cake... I'm not sure I could actually eat that one! It's too great!
Thank you so much for joining in and helping cheer me up! You are amazing!

Maria said...

great looking cake
Happy b-day Cheri

Tanya S said...

OMG I want that cake lol !! Love it !

CJ Shumaker said...

Oh how cute! That is frigging awesome!

Eulanda said...

Ooooooo love the cake!! Thank you so much for joining us in the mini hop for Cheri. Hugs!