Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Let's Plan with TGF

Hi friends, today is my day on The Greeting Farm blog and I'm there sharing a planner project. I know the planner craze is currently happening everywhere and  there are many different stamp sets, planners, paper etc to choose from and use but I wanted to show you that you can use your lovable greeting farm images as well. They weren't necessarily made for planners but why let that stop me or you?  As far as planners go, I use a Moleskin one and if you aren't familiar with planners (or that brand) then they are look like a journal (see in the picture), they are hardbound, they have no rings and therefore I can not insert extra pages to it. Additionally, moleskin planners do not bring a monthly overview calendar every 4-5 weeks so I decided to create my own.

** Just an fyi, this project is still currently a work in progress. My goal was to finish earlier this year but I just kind of went with the flow and used them as you see them here. They aren't even labeled with their month. However, I will continue to color them and work on them every chance I get. **

I browsed the greeting farm images and chose those that would represent that month for me. I then cropped them, angled them - pretty much played around with the look of the image and calendar until I was happy with it. Now, I have monthly overview calendar sheets that I can adhere to my planner. And if you remember, this isn't the first time I have used greeting farm images to create planner items. At the beginning of the year I created magnetic bookmarks and paper clips using the January release. There's also a sneak peek of stickers I created using the new mini clear sets.

Ps. If you create your own calendar, keep your coloring light. This way you don't have a hard time with the day/dates.

Magnetic Bookmarks - Magical Friends clear stamp set, Magical Friends die set
Paper Clips - Eggstra Special clear stamp set, Egsstra Special die set
Stickers - Mini-Remix Brew-tiful, Mega-Mini Amazing, Mini-Remix Happy with their coordinating dies. ** These sets aren't currently available but be returning to the TGF shop soon. If you were part of the lucky group to pre-purchase them then Yay!! Show us what you're using them for.  
2016 Mini Calendar: Digital Images - In order from left to right (Cover/January-May) Cute Troop Ian, Cordelia, 50s Sweethearts, Good Luck Anya, Easter Bean, Happy Anya, In order from left to right (June-November) Handy Ian, Summer Ian, Summer Anya, Addy, Hallo Hero, Hallo Heroine, Hallo Bean, Amazing Duo, (middle calendar page) Christmas Sweeties.

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