Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Love LO

Closeup of the paper 

This is LO#2 for the week and the theme is Love. I will add a picture of my niece and I and this LO is perfect for us because our fave color is purple (although she looooves it), we both love Pho Soup and I call her my "chinita" because her dad is Asian. So it's a little inside joke. Plus, she totally fell in love with this panda and noodle bowl when she saw it.

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felkatz said...

cute!!! cute!! Thanks for commenting on my blog! :)


Rosy C. said...

I'm lovin' that panda too. Your pic fits so well with you LO. Too Cute! Great work!
Here is a link to my blog for you to glance at:
Sweet Creations!!!