Wednesday, June 15, 2011

News...Reminders...Rambles...and Submission Call

Wow! Its Wednesday already. Well OK let's roll with it and say, Happy Wednesday!! Today's post is about sharing and reminding you of some things going on.

First... I'm very happy to announce that I am a Simply Betty Stamp Gal. I will be part of her non card team. So I will be bringing you mini albums, altered items, scrapbook pages, tags, anything that is not a card on my rotation turn. However, I wont stop making cards because c'mon, let's face it, its already a part of me. hehehe. So when time permits I will be playing with her card team as well as using them for my personal cards. I'm so excited to get coloring because she has some freaking cute images coming out. Wait till you see them!!! You'll just want to buy them all!!  

Second... The Mad Tea Party, Altered Alice Style is half way through. So you still have time to break out your best party hat and come over to the Twisted Table for some tea and tarts. Also this Sunday, I will be bringing my Croquet Mallets along with my  mad project in honor of our Tea Party. Please make sure you do come back.

Third... In case you didn't know, my friend Kristal has brought out her own stamp line. She has been having previews and pre-sales for the past few weeks. On the 17th, we will be having a special ustream and hop in honor of her, her stamps and me. Lol. Well not just me but her whole DT team. So make sure you pop over to her blog to pick up some stamps, because aside from being awesome she is also donating a $1 from each set sold to several special charities. Her kind soul never seizes to amaze me. So come back on Friday to Get(ting) Cricky (lol) with us!

And Finally... I'm looking for special cards to feature in August's edition of Gingerscraps Magazine. I need special shaped cards, special cut cards (s-fold, waterfall card, etc) or cards that function in any way (rotate, spin, etc). If you have any and are interested in possibly being published, please send me an email by June 30th.



Starla B. said...

Holy cow! Busy, busy girl! =D Don't forget to get some sleep somewhere in all of this!!

Two Pink Peas said...

I have a z fold card that I could show you.. oh and a pumpkin shaped card..but it's not that time of year. I will try to find your email and send them to you. But I will for sure make something different to try and make the cut. That would be so awesome!! Thanks so much.. Terri M of
Two Pink Peas